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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dear parents, Monday, August 14, 2017 I am so excited about all the fun things happening here behind the scenes! God has certainly shown up in a mighty way! Be sure to prayerfully consider what would really be best for your family as there are some really fun options.Wait until you see the class options for this semester!

If you haven’t checked them out, you can view the catalog online, or you can view the schedule on the Facebook page (although we have added a Wee Rest (4th hour) Mom’s Step Club (1st hour), a Tap class (hour TBD), and A Sign Language class (3rd hour since the Facebook schedule was posted. woo hoo!)


The registration button will be turned on as follows:

TEACHERS on Sunday, August 20 

and for those willing to VOLUNTEER on August 24th. 

Open registration will be available on the 29th, but I wouldn’t wait there are a ton of volunteer slots from which to choose. 


NOTE: There is ONE nursery Teacher slot available 3rd hour (THIS SLOT HAS BEEN TAKEN)

 And…Drew is no longer here to hang out with the cool kids at recess (read: 13 yrs and up) so that teacher slot is up for grabs. 

And a first hour study hall  teacher slot is available. (THIS SLOT HAS BEEN TAKEN)

If you are available on Wednesday evening to set up classrooms you will also be awarded teacher status. :)  All training included, no experience necessary. 

Stake your claim on your chosen slot and get to register in the first wave. :) 


***Homework: Please take a minute to check your log in and password. You will want to update your children’s information before registrations open as well. OH, and if you are new to Master’s Lyceum, please log in, click MY DETAILS, click CHILDREN (at the top) and make sure all of your children’s information has been entered so you will be all ready to get registered next week. If you have problems or questions, please let me know. It will be easier to get those password issues worked out now, then the morning you are trying to register. 


Ready for some Details? Here you go:

Registration for teachers will open on Aug. 20

Registration for volunteers will open on Aug. 24th

Open registration for anything left will open on Aug. 29th

Mandatory Parent meeting and class payment: Sept 1 at either 9:30 am or 6:30 pm at Center Grove Presbyterian Church in Edwardsville. 

 You may bring cash (in envelopes with correct change labeled with teacher, class & student names) or checks made out to specific teacher. Please note class name on the memo line. *Master’s Lyceum fee can be cash or checks made out to Master’s Lyceum. 

First class day: September 8

Final Class Day: November 17

Tentative Break week: October 13th. 

First hour begins at 8:30, 2nd hour 9:30, 3rd hour 10:30, recess 11:30 (this will be lunchtime for those taking fencing) 12:00 lunch & fencing class, 12:30 4th hour, 1:30 5th hour. 

Please be sure to pray, read class descriptions, supply information, as well as outside work expectations before signing up for classes. Be sure to have all supplies ready and labeled with name on the first day of class.  Pretty please- with sugar on top. 


Alrighty… what did I forget? What questions do you have? I am so excited to spend this fall with you and yours! If there is anything I can do to make your time at or leading up to Master’s Lyceum more peaceful, please let me know. 


Julie Harrison 


[email protected]


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