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1/25/2020      Master's Lyceum

Hello Volunteers! 

TADA! You may register now. 

 I am so grateful for your willingness to be such a blessing this spring at Master’s Lyceum.  We have over 100 classes offered, which means we also have a BUNCH of teachers. Please read more »

1/23/2020      Teacher registration open.. please read:

Good morning teachers

TADA!  You may Register now.. 

NOTE a couple of things unique to this semester. 

  1. ML fee has increased to $15.00
  2. Students may register to TeenPact Prep &ToG Rhetoric as TP Prep is only read more »

8/27/2019      Mom's Recharge Weekend Registration Form!

Please fill out this form if you are planning to join us at the Mom's Recharge Weekend in January 2020!

read more »

8/21/2019      Summer interruption

Just sent an email with all kinds of great information about Fall... If you didn't get it (even in your spam folder), just message Julie. Or you can check out the facebook page- posted there as well. Check it out, fill out your teacher forms and resume your summer schedule. read more »

1/31/2019      Registration Packet

You should have a new email in your inbox with some great infomraiton! I am so excited to see you all TOMORROW!  Parent meeting will be at either 9:30 am (with teachers meeting immediately after) OR at 6:30 pm, with teachers meeting at 6:00 and a graduation read more »

1/24/2019      Volunteer registration

Good morning… It is now time  for all the amazing volunteers of Master’s Lyceum to register.  I am so grateful for your willingness to help. 


Just a heads up, there are several classes that have already filled during teacher registration. Know read more »

1/21/2019      Teacher Registration is now open

Teacher registration is open! Happy registering. 

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1/17/2019      The ALMOST FINISHED catalog is now ready for you to view

Hey folks, There are still few classes to add and some potential fine tuning, but the 'really close' catalog is now live. I didn't want you to have wait any longer to see all of the amazing things coming this spring. Please let me know if you see errors or read more »

7/2/2018      Registration for Summer closes tomorrow July 3

Hey folks,

Reminder that Registration for summer intensives closes tomorrow. 

And...The amazing World drumming class fees have been reduced to $25.00 for the week. It is going to be a fun time... If you haven't registered, Today is the day! Carpe Diem-- Sieze the Day!!!!

And just to recap:

Classes read more »

6/28/2018      Registration for Sumer intensives now open

Registration is now open for summer intensives! 


There are some fun things to do and learn and lots of fun fellowship to be had.


If you do not sign up for classes, you are still welcome to join us read more »

6/27/2018      Summer intensives Registration...


Here are some classes to add a little fun to your summer. Thank you to the teachers who volunteered… we have one more music class and a little tweaking on the ballet, so thanks for your patience.   Registration will open Thursday (Lord read more »

1/21/2018      Teacher Registration is Now Open

Hey Teachers, You are welcome to register yoru children for classes. I have a couple of easy peasy teacher slots available...

3-5 year old playtime (only 30 min)

10-12 year old playtime (30 min)

first hour barista

fourth or fifth hour bathroom cleaner

 a gym sweeper/mopper as needed also fourth read more »

1/15/2018      Catalog is available for spring 2018!

Enjoy looking around at the classes available for Spring 2018! Registration for teachers will open up on Sunday, January 20.Volunteers may register on Wednesday, January 24 and open registration will be Tuesday, January 30. 

Parent meeting will be Friday, Feb. 2 at either 9:30 am or 6:30 pm at Center read more »

8/29/2017      Open registration is now available

Open registration is now available.

read more »

8/24/2017      Volunteer registration is now open!

Good morning!

If you are able to volunteer in some way, choose your slot behind the volunteer button and then register away!!! If you have any questions or problems, jsut let me know. Thank you so much for serving!

And you will notice there have been a few additions- just read more »

8/23/2017      Getting your username

One upgrade to the site.  You can now get your username emailed to you if you can remember which email you used for registration.  Just click the Membership link in the menu above and you'll find a section on the page to recover your username and reset your password.  If you read more »

8/23/2017      Vol register tomrrow!

Volunteer registration opens tomorrow. Take a minute to verify your user name and password and to update the grade level of your student(s). There have been a few additions to the schedule, so be sure to read more »

8/15/2017      Lots of exciting information!

Dear parents, Monday, August 14, 2017 I am so excited about all the fun things happening here behind the scenes! God has certainly shown up in a mighty way! Be sure to prayerfully consider what would really be best for your family as there are some really fun read more »

8/10/2017      CATALOG is viewable

There will be a few tweaks. but this will give you a great idea of the amazing things happening this semester!

Can't wait!!!


read more »

2/2/2017      Parent meeting and final registration tomorrow.

Hey folks!

I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at either 9:30 am or 7:00 pm for the parent meeting and finalizing your registration. Please brign 2 copies of your billing form and your payment for teachers. 

Teachers will meet immediately after the mornign parent meeting or at read more »

1/30/2017      Open Registration

Good Monday morning,

Anyone may now register. We do have several volunteer slots still available so please considering serving in at least one slot this semester. 

Mandatory Parent meeting will be on FRIDAY, FEB 3 at 9:30 (with teachers meeting immediately following) OR 7:00 pm (with teacher's meeting at 6:00)

read more »

1/27/2017      Volunteer Registration now open

Calling all volunteers. We are so grateful for your wilingness to serve... if you haven't chosen your volunter position, youcan do that now and then Happy registering.

We have added a couple of additional cooking classes at the first two filled quickly. Don't worry if you don't get in this read more »

1/26/2017      Addition of cooking classes

Happy to report that we have added a little kid  coking class first hour and a big kid cooking class fourth hour ! :)

Happy registeriing!

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1/25/2017      Teacher Registration Now open

A huge thank you to all the teachers willing to share their talents and knowldge with us! Please be sure to prayerfully consider your choices as you register. You may choose classes for your childdren now. Please let me  know if you have any questions or problems.

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