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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hey folks, 

 I am so excited about God is doing in Master’s Lyceum…

Our new facility -Center Grove Presbyterian Church 6279 Center Grove Road Edwardsville IL- is simply amazing and the staff has been so gracious, thorough and awesome! But, they have very few details about Master’s Lyceum, so please be sure to contact me with your questions. Do NOT call the church with ML questions- they probably will not have the answer. My cell is 618-210-2401- go ahead and enter that into your phone. :) 


We have over 40 teachers at this time and they need helpers, proctors, door holders, cleaner uppers, etc, So, please go grab a few volunteer slots while you wait for volunteer registration to open on Thursday. If you are feeling blessed, give back some blessings. :)  While you are on the site, make sure you know your log in information and reset your kiddos grade levels. You will be so ready when it is time to register. 


If you would like to register now, just let me know which of the nursery or recess slots you would like to fill and I will get you all set up with that teacher status. 


Please take some time to prayerfully consider what God would have for your family this fall. You are welcome to take as many or few classes as fit your family’s needs. It will make your fall go much more smoothly if you have covered it all in prayer!


So, if you have decided to join us, and you get all registered either now or on Thursday, you will need a few details:

Sept. 2nd 9:30 am or 6:30 pm are your options for the Mandatory Parent meeting. I promise to not waste your time, to have some fun, and bring some chocolate. :)


Classes will begin Sept. 9th and continue through Nov. 18. We will take a little Break on Oct. 21. 


Please print 2 copies of your billing form and bring with you to the Parent meeting. We will finish your registration, take your payments and answer any questions you might have (and eat some chocolate) Payments can be exact cash- please don’t make us make change- in individual envelopes labeled with student name, class name and teacher’s name. Checks should be made out to the teacher- no envelope necessary.

The Master’s Lyceum fee will be $10- checks are fine and can be made out to Master’s Lyceum. These funds are used for recess equipment, copies, office supplies, name tag material, etc. 


There have been a few changes to the schedule, and a few classes added, so please look carefully to see if you would like to add or change something. And don’t forget to look at the Mom options- prayer, movement, knitting, quilting, The Teacher’s Lounge (help grading papers, making a transcript, etc). So so much fun and valuable time to spent refreshing and renewing friendships!


I am really excited about spending this fall with you and yours! I am feeling so blessed to be part of this amazing community! Thank you for joining us on this adventure.


Just Clay,

Julie Harrison 



[email protected] 


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