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FAll Semester Extravaganza!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Can you believe we are at the end of the semester?
We are excited to announce our first ever Semester Wrap-up Presentation!
There will be art displayed, and several presentations. Choir, dance, string ensemble, and Intro to Acting and more. I am working on the order of presentations, but all students should report to the gym at 11:30 to line up with their class. If you have not received information from your teacher, please contact instructor or Julie for details.
Invite your friends and family for a very casual, fun-filled recess/lunch time. We will have a few chairs set up for grandparents, but the majority of us will continue to spread out our blankets and eat our lunch to a variety of amazing performances.
Looking forward to an amazing last day!
P.S. please don't forget to thank all of the amazing teachers who have contributed so much this semester.


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